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Canada has one of the worst fire loss records in the industrialized world.



Welcome from CASA President, John Galt, CAE

Welcome to the web site of the Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association, Canada’s fire sprinkler association. I invite you to look closely at the programs and services of the Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association. Join us as we extend the benefits of automatic fire sprinklers to all Canadians, where we work, live and play.

Canada has one of the worst fire loss records in the industrialized world. Experts have estimated that the cost of fire in Canada is 11 billion dollars annually (1995). For this reason, CASA has developed, as part of a National Public Awareness Campaign, a series of programs designed to lessen the impact of these staggering costs through the use of modern fire sprinkler technology.

Most Canadians tragically die from fires occurring in their own homes. To change this tragic fact, CASA partners with several other associations and organizations to assist in making sure Canadians enjoy firesprinkler protection in their homes. This website links to most of these partners. I invite you to look closely, in particular at the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition. As a Steering Committee member, CASA helps communicate a consistent public education message for all Canadians and throughout North America.

Your help is needed to work along with other Association members to see that these programs are implemented at the local level in a planned, progressive manner to augment present fire defense capabilities and to assist communities in their continuing efforts to reduce or stabilize the escalating costs of fire losses. I invite you to participate in the pursuit of our common goal -the conservation of life and property from fire.


The Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association is a National Trade Contractor’s Association. It has existed in one form or another since the 1920’s, and was incorporated under a Dominion Charter in 1961. CASA promotes, defends, enhances and improves the business designing, installing and manufacturing fire sprinkler devices and systems. The Association works closely with the fire and building officials, architects and others “To enhance the level of life safety and property conservation from the effects of fire through the use of fire sprinklers”.


(a) to foster the interest of its members and of those in any way related to the automatic sprinkler industry

(b) to secure the elimination of unfair or uneconomic practices within the industry and freedom from unjust and unlawful exactions;

(c) to establish and maintain uniformity and equity in the customs and commercial usages of the industry;

(d) to acquire, preserve and disseminate valuable business information for the industry;

(e) to promote an enlarged and friendly intercourse among all those engaged in the industry;

(f) to receive, acquire and hold gifts, donations, legacies and devices;

(g) to represent the members of the Association and any other persons whom the Association may be entitled to represent in any matter pertaining to the installation and repair of automatic sprinkler and fire protection equipment in the construction industry in Canada;

(h) to become an accredited or registered employer’s bargaining agent either alone or jointly with other associations or organizations under the labour relations legislation of any or all provinces or territories of Canada or any legislation substituted therefore or similar thereto as amended from time to time, and to regulate relations between employers and employees engaged in the installation and repair of automatic sprinkler and fire protection equipment in the construction industry in Canada and to represent such employers in collective bargaining within any province or territory in Canada, and to discharge the responsibilities of an accredited or registered bargaining agent in the administration of the collective agreement or collective agreements entered into on behalf of its members or other person (see Collective Bargaining section further on in this document);

(i) to do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives including but not limited to the maintaining of the sprinkler trade and identity separate and distinct from all other trades.

For the complete Mission and Goals Document, please reference the CASA Constitution, By-laws and Amendments document, available from the CASA office.

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