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Canada has one of the worst fire loss records in the industrialized world.


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Contractor Voting Membership

Any firm or corporation which is actively involved in the installation, service or repair of any fire sprinkler system in Canada is eligible for Contractor/Voting Membership. Such firms or corporations must employ trades persons who hold a Provincial Sprinkler Fitter Certificate of Qualification card. In addition, members in this category must work to design drawings prepared by a P.Eng. proficient in fire protection, or a N.I.C.E.T. Level III or Level IV Fire Protection Technician. A Contractor/Voting Member may do installations, ICI, Service and Residential work as well.

Associate Manufacturer Supplier Membership

Any person, firm or corporation that manufactures, supplies, sells or distributes materials or devices whose end use is intended for fire protection systems is eligible for Association Manufacturer Supplier Membership, provided they are not eligible for any Voting Membership categories, which are installing contractor categories.

Associate Design Professional Category

Any person, firm, or corporation which is actively involved in the supplying or providing of such services such as design, engineering, architectural, consultation services on code standards and installation criteria, whose end use is intended for fire protection systems is eligible for Associate Design Professional Membership, provided such person, firm, or corporation is not eligible for any other category of membership: Contractor, Manufacturer / Supplier or Broker.

Associate Partner Application

Any person, firm, corporation, trade association, society, fire service or building official, or government agency, school or college, none of which are eligible for any other category of membership Contractor, Manufacturer / Supplier, is eligible for Associate Partner.

Student Member Application

Any person who is enrolled as a student in a post-secondary college or learning institution in Canada for the period of enrollment NOT in the employ of a company or corporation that fits in any other category of membership.

Why Join

CASA membership provides opportunities to raise your corporate and personal profile in the fire sprinkler industry and the construction industry at large.

CASA Members have the opportunity to participate on committees that conduct labour negotiations, Help Shape changes to codes and standards and promote legislative changes at various levels of government.

CASA members are recognized as trusted experts in the field of fire sprinkler design and installation by the construction trade and approval.

CASA members enjoy a competitive edge through special access to Professional Development Programs online and in the classroom. This keeps them at the forefront of sprinkler industry technology.

CASA members are included in the many public awareness campaigns developed by the association that generate valuable public relations and promote fire safety in their own community.