Canada has one of the worst fire loss records in the industrialized world.



Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) Issues Warning

U.L. has released a warning about Chang Der Fire Protection Corp.’s CD1511 Pendent Type Automatic Fire Sprinkler. These sprinklers were marked “UL”, but were not evaluated by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. For more information, visit;

Warning Issued – BlazeMaster Pipe & Fittings

Always check the Chemical Compatibility section of the BlazeMaster website, The section contains up-to-date chemically incompatible listings.

NTCCC – Press Releases:

NTCCC – Disappointed by Supreme Court of Canada Decision on Use of Reprisal Clauses

NTCCC – Construction Sector Groups Applaud Federal Commitment to Implement Prompt Payment Law
Fall Economic Statement – Nov 22, 2018

NTCCC Website – Prompt Payment

Federal Framework Report NTCCC

Federal Framework Appendices

Prompt Payment on the Horizon from Coast-to-Coast as Trade Contractor Summit Concludes

Inching Closer to Federal Prompt Payment Legislation

NTCCC Trade Contractors support Feds’ Prompt Payment Proposal

NTCCC meets in Ottawa to support Federal Prompt Payment Legislation

To view John Galt’s testimony to MP’s and Senate please fast forward to 17:34

NTCCC encourages members to get involved in upcoming election,

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