Canada has one of the worst fire loss records in the industrialized world.



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Introduction to Fire Sprinklers -Tuesday April 25, 2023 @11:00am EST – 4:00pm EST.

This program is beneficial for the individual that is just starting out in the sprinkler industry.  It provides the participant with basic sprinkler knowledge of sprinkler systems.  The program covers types of systems, types of sprinklers, system components and basic definitions used in NFPA 13.  The course also provides a brief overview of the historical development of sprinkler systems.

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Inspection, Testing & Maintenance of Fire Sprinklers -Overview of NFPA 25 -Tuesday May 30, 2023 @11:00am EST – 4:00pm EST

Understanding, Applying, and Enforcing NFPA 25

This seminar describes the requirements for properly maintaining a water-based fire protection system in accordance with NFPA 25.

The seminar clearly describes the responsibilities for compliance & record keeping. It describes the specific scope of the standard and identifies the various ways in which information related to changes in the system are handled. It describes the various Tables used in the standard, their specific purposes, and when to use which Tables. It involves the attendees in a significant number of exercises to describe various problems encountered, identify the proper section(s) of the standard that deals with it, and discuss how to deal with issues not covered by the standard that may still be encountered.

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Pumps for Fire Protection Seminar -Overview of NFPA 20 -Tuesday July 11, 2023 @11:00am EST – 4:00pm EST

Pumps for Fire Protection -Overview of NFPA 20

Explore general fire pump design requirements in NFPA 20: The Standard for the installation of    Stationary pumps for Fire Protection. This program will include a detailed walkthrough of fire pump sizing, design and layout, high rise requirements including defining high rise and a very tall buildings.  We will also explore Pumps for Multiple Water Supplies. Explore the challenges that could be posed when designing a fire pump system with two different water supplies. This course will review the options to overcome these challenges in compliance with NFPA standards.

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Standpipe Systems for Fire Protection -Overview of NFPA 14 -Tuesday October 17, 2023 @11:00am EST – 3:00pm EST

Standpipe Systems for Fire Protection

This program provides the participant with the requirements for design, layout, installation, and acceptance testing of standpipe systems using NFPA 14. Through discussion and activities, the seminar will address topics such as system pressures, the challenges of tall buildings, requirements for horizontal standpipes and the acceptance requirements for standpipe systems.

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Update on 2019 Version of NFPA 13, NFPA 13R, NFPA 13D -Tuesday October 24, 2023 @11:00am EST – 3:00pm EST

Update on 2019 Version of NFPA 13, NFPA 13R, NFPA 13D

The 2020 National Building Code of Canada now references the 2019 Version of NFPA 13 and NFPA 13R.  Many Provinces across Canada are in the process of or will be adopting the 2020 National Building Code in the coming year.  This program will review and highlight the technical and editorial changes between the 2019 Versions of the NFPA 13, NFPA 13R, & NFPA 13D compared to the older referenced standards. To register and learn more please visit

Sprinkler Selection for High-Piled Storage -Tuesday November 7, 2023 @11:00am EST – 4:00pm EST

Sprinkler Selection for High-Piled Storage

Explore the selection and application of automatic sprinklers for storage arrays where solid-pile, palletized, bin-box, shelf or rack storage commodity configurations exceed 12 feet. The course addresses the influence of various commodity and ceiling heights in sprinkler selection and system design.

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Sprinkler System Plan Review -Tuesday December 5, 2023 @11:00am EST – 4:00pm EST

Sprinkler System Plan Review

Examining fire sprinkler shop drawings, cut sheets and hydraulic calculations is a primary duty of the authority having jurisdiction. This course will provide a method of reviewing plans and other fire sprinkler documents that is efficient and thorough. Attendees will learn what documents to accept to start a review, what steps to take through the fire sprinkler design and systems review, and how to have confidence while reviewing hydraulic calculations.  This course applies current codes and standards to fire sprinkler systems from the initial site plan review, through the construction documents, to the as-built drawings. Significant time on how to effectively communicate deficiencies to the design professional. Students will receive a handout that provides detailed checklists with expert commentary that is useful to the fire sprinkler plan reviewer for years to come. Attendees must bring a copy of NFPA 13 to class.

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